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Bierce on Stage

IMPOSTOR n. A rival aspirant to public honors.

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  • Foster, Rob. The Last Stand Of Ambrose Bierce (Rob Foster: 2001)
  • Geible, Dave. Nothing Matters (Dave Geible: 2000)
  • Musgrave, Thea. The Mocking Bird (Boston: May, 2002)
  • Swaim, Don. Ambrose And Gertrude (Don Swaim: 2002)
  • Scutt, Ed. Almighty God Bierce (Ed Scutt: 2003)
  • Wellman, Mac. Bitter Bierce (Location One, NYC: 2002)
  • Wellman, Mac. The Difficulty of Crossing a Field Performed by the Kronos Quartet and the American Conservatory Theater. (Theater Artaud, San Francisco: March 22, 2002)