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CRITIC n. A person who boasts himself hard to please because no one tries hard to please him.

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Other Bierce Homepages

  • Don Swaim's Ambrose Bierce Site: An excellent collection of Bierce material that includes "Bierce's" take on recent events, Bierce in the contemporary news, fan-made art collections, the entire text of several Bierce-themed plays -- including Don's own -- and portions of Swaim's unpublished novel The Assassination of Ambrose Bierce.
  • Alan Gullette's Literary Pages: The second-oldest Bierce fan page on the Internet. In addition to information on Bierce, it includes sections on many other authors about whom little is available online. It is an invaluable resource for literary information and author fandom. The site also features some of the author's own prose, poetry, and non-fiction. (Sadly, now gone.)
  • The Devil's Dictionary: Mike Leung's beautiful Web adaptation of Bierce's seminal work.
  • Waking Ambrose: Doug Pascovers' modern updates of Bierce's definitions.

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