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Site Credits and Contact Information

ACKNOWLEDGE v.t. To confess. Acknowledgement of one another's faults is the highest duty imposed by our love of truth.

Special thanks to...

Alan Gullette. One of the few other Bierce Webmasters out there -- as well as being one of the first -- he had inspired me to keep improving my site over the years. Two of the pictures on this page are originally from his site (now offline).

S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz. These Bierce scholars have been kind enough to keep me abreast of their ongoing work in the field.

Don Swaim. He is another fine Bierce Webmaster who has let me use two Bierce illustrations from his site on this page and has kept the torch burning for all these years, even when mine was out.

Additional thanks to Arnod, Mark Backus, Jim Beaver, Bob Bethune, David W. Bierce, Hal Bierce, Paul Bierce, Claire Boothby, Mark Coltrain, Keith Allen Daniels, Eric Eldred, Robert Evans, Aaron Ezis, Scott David Hamilton, Brett Harrison, E Bryant Holman, John Kahila, Richard Koloda, Kate Landis, David Madison, Trevor W. McKeown, Douglass Messer, Alberto Miotti, Susan Odom, John Paul Moore, Mark Rice, MGCborn, Michael Nicholas, Doug Pascover, Peter Shanks, Gordon Spencer, Rick Van Valkenburg, Sonia Santos Vila, Chris Wallace, Gwendolyn G. Zepeda, and anyone else I've missed who has contributed to this site.

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