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The Ambrose Bierce Appreciation Society

CYNIC n. A blackguard whose faulty vision causes him to see things as they are, not as they ought to be

Open (Mostly) Since 1994

This page is dedicated to one of the most under appreciated authors and journalists of all time: Ambrose Gwinett Bierce. "Bitter Bierce" was quite famous in his day, but now only a core following of academics and curmudgeons know about him. And that is a shame. He is most often found in "Quotable Quotes" lists or signature files, but that is as deep as most people's knowledge goes. Part of the purpose of this page is to rectify this situation and place him back in the spotlight where he belongs, getting new readers interested in the biggest misanthrope of all times. The other is to provide a clearinghouse of information on the man and his work, for both old and new fans.

A Quite-Belated ABAS Update

Hello, everyone. For anyone now reading this, yes, the site is back up.

Some history: Yes, this site was begun in 1994, right after I graduated college and had taught myself HTML. This site began on a local dial-up service, and moved to a fancy new personal domain sometime in the early aughts. From the beginning, it was a hand-coded endeavor, and a side project that took up a lot of my time. About a decade ago, I wasn't able to keep up with the site due to the encroachment of life and other undesirable things, but I left the site and domain up as a resource for anyone looking for information about old Ambrose. Over the course of a decade or so, I had built up quite a bit of useful information, most importantly, the bibliography. Sometime in the early '10s, my domain host suffered a hack that took the site down, and frankly, I didn't have the time then to deal with it and salvage the data. As of October 2019, some unrelated struggles in my life have pushed me to try and retrieve as much from the past as possible, and that included taking the time to recover the site, update it to close to modern Web standards, and get it back out in the Internet again. Thankfully, "everything old is new again" works for me, as responsive and mobile-friendly technologies make the content-forward style this site was built in suddenly relevant again, with minor updates.

If you are an old friend, welcome back. If you have not been here before, I welcome you. While I still have my entensive Bierce library, I definitely will not have the time to keep the news section updated as I have in the past, but I hope that you will find the information that I do have available useful. As you might imagine, I am agnostic to social media, and hosting your own Web site is almost as archaic as reading a newspaper these days, which is one of the reasons I saw fit to put in the effort to get the site up and running again. Especially in the insanity that the world finds itself in now, we need not to forget the old and the true, and a blazing firebrand such as Bierce to cut through the lies and crimes that are currently being propagated from the highest positions of power in America would be most welcome. A republic, if we can keep it.

For anyone looking for up-to-date Bierce information, I please invite you over to Don Swaim's excellent site, which started not long after my own, but with the added benefit of being updated regularly since the dawn of the Internet, and it is well-worth your time and attention.

Thank you all again.


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